Consul Jose Manuel Castillo Perez-Gomez

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El Salvador
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1450 S. Havana St. Suite 110
Aurora, CO 80012



Jose Manuel Castillo, born in San Salvador, capital city of El Salvador, in 1982. In his professional career, he has worked principally as a project manager, working either in governmental and non-governmental institutions, and international cooperation agencies. Along his career, Castillo have been involved in different initiatives of impact to democratic life of El Salvador, such as the promotion of Access to Public Information Law, the promotion and implementation of a special law for migrants protection, the promotion and implementation of a law for electoral participation from abroad, and so others.

Castillo has articulated networks among civil society organizations either in El Salvador and around the world, also with private and public entities considered key actors in the development of specific processes and projects. His position as a functionary in the Salvadoran Ministry of Foreign Affairs allowed him to generate synergies between various actors at national and the international level, standing out especially the relationship with Salvadorans' organizations abroad, involving them in a wide range of development initiatives in El Salvador.

His academic education as social and corporative communicator provides him additional sensibility on the interpretation of different processes and social realities, also a perspective of how the communication can be a management tool and an instrument to promote changes. 

Castillo is career diplomat in El Salvador and in April 2017 was appointed as the first Consul of El Salvador to Colorado.

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