Consul General, Minister Roland Denegri Aguirre*

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Consulate General of Peru
6795 East Tennessee Ave., Suite 550
Denver, CO 80224

Tel: 303.355.8555
Toll free: 1.866.788.0338
Fax: 303.355.8003

Consul General Roland Denegri is a lawyer by profession, graduated from the Catholic University of Peru and the Diplomatic Academy of Peru, and has a Masters in Public International Law from the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom).

During his diplomatic career, he has performed functions abroad in the Mission of Peru before the European Union and in the Embassy of Peru in Belgium, as well as in the Embassy of Peru in Argentina. In Peru, he has held functions in the South America Directorate, in the General Directorate for Economic Affairs and in the Ministerial Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Consul General Roland Denegri extends his greetings to the members of the Peruvian community residing in the various localities of the consular jurisdiction, and reaffirms his institutional commitment to redouble efforts in favor of improving consular services in order to provide effective care to the nationals, as well as to contribute to the greater diffusion of the image, culture, tourist attractions and economic opportunities that Peru offers.

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