Honorary Consul Gregory Daniel Treco

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22425 E. Layton Circle,
Aurora, CO 80015


Mobile: 303-522-8470

Greg Treco joined the corporate staff of United Shipping in 1999. He has decades of experience in operations both nationally and internationally. After a brief undergraduate stint in Scotland, Greg transferred to Oklahoma State University from which he received a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degrees. Greg was elected President of United Shipping, Inc. in May 2015. From early 1979 through 1992, Greg earned superior professional experience as he moved through the management ranks to become the President and CFO of the Master Technicians Group, a corporation in the Bahamas. The corporation included a variety of multi-faceted businesses including building contractor, home appliances, restaurants and men’s clothing stores. Greg’s responsibilities included operations and management of imports to ensure efficiencies across the business portfolio, while driving financial profitability. Thereafter, Greg relocated to the United States and worked with a Healthcare Consulting Company as a Financial Analyst and realized successes in effectively decreasing Healthcare costs for many providers within the business model. In 1999, Greg joined the corporate staff of United Shipping, Inc. With decades of experience in operations, both nationally and internationally, he was a great fit for the global network. Greg holds a degree in Accounting from Nassau Technical College. He transferred to Oklahoma State University where he earned his post high school degrees. Early in Greg’s professional career he taught Accounting and Economics at a local Adult Education College in Nassau, Bahamas and also was a High School teacher with emphasis on General Certificate of Education preparation.

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