Honorary Consul Liselore van Thoor

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370 Ash Street
Denver, CO 80220


Tel: 720-266-1909

As Honorary Consul in Denver, Liselore van Thoor supports and connects Dutch and American businesses in the states of Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming and her home country the Netherlands. She also provides consular support to Dutch nationals in the three states.

As managing director of Van Thoor Consulting, Liselore van Thoor supports organizations implementing new IT systems and business processes. Liselore excels in analyzing current processes and bottle necks and helping organizations apply short and long term solutions. With her deep knowledge of business processes and experience with IT development and maintenance, she is a reliable connection between the two worlds. Liselore also has extensive experience testing new systems and processes for small and large organization and completing diverse and complex projects. She manages projects or a phase in project on a part-time basis with an eye on quality, time budget and clear communication to the stakeholders involved.

Liselore launched her career in consulting in Amsterdam in 1999 with PricewaterhouseCoopers. In 2002, she broadened her experience and knowledge in Finance as a financial controller at Schiphol Group. It was with this specific knowledge and experience she returned to the consulting field in 2007 as an internal financial consultant, working for Fortune 500 companies within The Netherlands, the U.K. and the U.S.

Liselore has a Masters in Financial Sector Management from the Vrije Universitieit Amsterdam. She also has an Executive Master in Finance and Control from the Nivra-Nyenrode School of Accounting and Controlling in The Netherlands.

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