Honorary Consul Tomasz Skotnicki

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Consul Skotnicki with former President and leader of Solidarity, Lech Walesa


528 Williams Street
Denver, CO 80218


Tel. (303) 485.6620
Mobile (303) 517.1278

Tomasz Skotnicki has 30 years of experience in international business. He was born, raised and educated in Poland. Even before graduating from college, Tomasz took the first opportunity that presented itself and came to the US on a scholarship to study the mechanics of international business as it pertained to his field at the Agricultural University of Warsaw-Animal Husbandry.  His year long stay in the US provided research for his Master Thesis.

In the early eighties Tomasz Skotnicki was offered a position in Arizona. Due to the worsening political situation (he was a member of the newly created “Solidarity” independent trade union), he decided to accept and moved his young family to the US.  They left Poland during Martial Law. In succession, he managed Arabian breeding stud farms in Scottsdale, Az., Santa Ynez , CA and finally in Colorado. During his 20 years as a farm manager, Tomasz Skotnicki traveled extensively for business and established contacts worldwide with a special emphasis on Poland.

For the last 25 years, Mr. Skotnicki has been actively involved in Polish-American contacts by organizing meetings, cultural, political and business events both in California and Colorado. He has promoted Polish artists, business people, scientists, scholars and youth. In 2007 he was recognized by the President of the Republic of Poland for his outstanding work and achievements in the field of US-Polish relations.

To keep up with changes in Poland, Mr. Skotnicki goes there at least 3 times a year. He follows political and economic development in the ever evolving post-communist business climate. He holds both American and Polish passports.

In 2005 Mr. Skotnicki was appointed the first Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Colorado by the Polish Foreign Ministry and confirmed by US Department of State. 

Mr. Skotnicki takes residence in Denver, Colorado with his wife Dorota, their son and daughter are graduates of Colorado University at Boulder.

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