Honorary Consul James W. McGibney

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Republic of Korea, Emeritus
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3168 Little Valley Rd
Estes Park, CO 80517


Tel: 303-888-3689

In 2011, Jim was appointed to serve a five-year term as the Honorary Consul of Korea in Colorado. In that role, he has worked on behalf of the Korean Government and the San Francisco Consulate to improve bilateral relations with the United States and specifically the State of Colorado. Those efforts have included lobbying for passage of the Korea-US Free Trade Act, passed in 2012; working with the Colorado Department of Revenue and its equivalent in The Republic of Korea to simplify the exchange of Korean and US driver’s licenses; contacting the Colorado Congressional delegation to increase the number of work visas for Korean Nationals to work in the US— with an emphasis on “high tech” visas; and to meet and participate in Korean programs across Colorado. A particularly important part of that community contact has been to work with the US Veterans of the Korean War and their families. 

He has extensive contact with the University of Denver, Colorado State University and the University of Colorado, and currently serves in an advisory role to the Korbel International School at the University of Denver. 

Jim’s connections with Korea extend back to the mid 1970s when he was working on projects in Saudi Arabia that had large Korean Construction work forces in-country. Specifically working with Hyundai and Daelim during President Park Chung Hee’s aggressive “warrior worker” outreach programs. His family’s connections to the Republic of Korea began in 1981 and continue to be very strong today. 

Representing the Republic of Korea, he is the Vice Dean of the Consular Corp of Colorado. 

Jim is also an experienced engineering and development professional with proven experience in completing a wide range of complex projects across North America and Internationally.

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